for2html: the FORTRAN to HTML translator


for2html is a PERL script that translates FORTRAN sources into HTML pages.
for2html is particularly useful for analysing and documenting large projects: besides an 1:1 image of each source module, it generates a project home page that lists all source modules with all their SUBROUTINE, FUNCTION and BLOCK DATA sections. It automatically generates backward links to all calling sections. All SUBROUTINE and FUNCTION calls, INCLUDEd files and BLOCK DATA sections in the source code are provided with forward links to the invocated code.

Notes on FORTRAN input

for2html is not a syntax checker for FORTRAN - the source code is supposed to be correct.
for2html does not attempt to translate clumsy, old-style FORTRAN into something readable - this should be better done by a for2for translator.
for2html is tested with FORTRAN 77 but should work for older FORTRAN dialects as well.
The following standard extensions to FORTRAN 77 are tacitely assumed:
- source lines are not restricted to 72 characters: they start in column 7, but they may have arbitrary length,
- object names may have arbitrary length,
- in-line comments (starting with an exclamation mark) are recognised.

Sample output

To see typical for2html output, visit a project overview page that gives access to the source code of the famous BLAS package (from

Download and Configure

Just click here to download the current version 1.3+ (release 1.3 of 22mar00 plus minor amendments).
After download, move for2html to a bin directory (or to any other directory in your path, or ...) and make it executable.
It may be necessary to change the first line to invoke your local Perl5.
Do not use perl -w: the warnings are unjustified.

Note: do not attempt to download for2html from via the sourceforge project page: the file release systems is currently not used for this project.


Command-line invocation: Options:


In the following cases correct (even if not recommendable) FORTRAN code is not translated correctly: See also the mailing list.
For further bug reports, please quote in your e-mail the error message and attach the Fortran source.

Related efforts

The free format of FORTRAN 90/95 is not supported by for2html. For FORTRAN 90 documentation see f90doc by Eric Demaire.


for2html was written by Joachim Wuttke for documenting the data analysis package Frida-1 (formerly Ida).

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